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So I’ve been having back pain for the past 3 weeks. I fell down the stairs with my baby on my hip and twisted to save my child. My heroic efforts were met with crippling pain. Thanks universe!
Thursday the pain was so intense I couldn’t get out of bed.
But I’m a survivor!
And I had to pee.
My aching body did not agree with this.
After passing out several times from the paralyzing pain I was rushed to the hospital.

Canadian Health Care System I want to thank you for the quality care:

1. Thank you 911 for not working the first 5 times my family called for an ambulance. This reassures me an emergency vehicle will be at my disposal should I need one.

2. For the paramedic who dropped his gum in my hair as I passed out in the chair, thank you for making a joke out of it. I didn’t see the humour in it that you did, however, I was in excruciating amounts of pain, wasn’t I?

3. To the admitting nurse who grabbed hold of the gurney I was laying limp on, shoving me against a wall in the emergency room hallway, leaving me there for hours without care. Thank you. I could not roll over from the pain, went in and out of consciousness, and was not spoken to or checked on.

4. You young X-Ray technicians who could not lift 30lbs let alone ME, I respect that you have a job to do but when a patient tells you they are going to pass out it might be advisable to listen. It’s much easier to move me when I’m still awake.

5.  Dear sweet nurse who stripped me naked in the Ressus room while I was unconscious, I am thankful for your speedy care, however, if you are going to insert catheters, IV’s, and other wires could you please put me in a room and not back in the hallway?

6.  To the angry nurse qualified to run the ECG, you are skilled in knowing where to place your sticky squares and attach your wires. Next time please take into consideration my not being in a room or having anything on under my gown as you expose me to the hallway full of patients and visitors.

7.  Dr. Girlfriend? I understand you’re tired. You work crazy hours, IN AN EMERGENCY ROOM, but when you can’t hide your eye rolls anymore it’s time to sneak into a broom closet and take a nap.

8. Overworked nursing staff, you are underpaid, you are not appreciated. You are not given enough time to finish paperwork. I empathize. But I will never understand putting paperwork before a patient. Seeing an elderly woman lose her dignity in a hall way because there was no time to take her to the bathroom was heartbreaking and haunts me still.

Canadian Health Care system, we are lucky to be able to have health care, however, the quality is disturbing.

I have been extremely sick this weekend and at no point during my two hospital visits did I feel I was treated like a human being.

How loudly do we have to scream before we exact change?


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