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Today I have a guest post for you from the talented Chantelle from Mom Went Crazy!
I really relate to Chantelle because she’s just returning to work after having her second baby, she writes from her heart, and she’s HILARIOUS!
If you haven’t checked out her site DO IT!
Her first Vlog had me laughing hysterically!
So, follow her, comment, stalk, it will all make her day!

Hey everyone,

I’m Chantelle, from Mom Went Crazy.

Sometimes I’m funny, sometimes I’m serious. Other times I rant.

Today, I’m guest posting for Leighann.

Like a lot of you, I write based on my mood.

Today was my first day back to work after having my youngest daughter, Sophie.

My mood today?


I know that sounds strange.

But can I be honest with you about one thing?

It was so nice to talk to grownups all day.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love my short people. I have two girls and they are awesome.

But I’ve spent the last 10 months at home, blogging for sanity and tweeting for support.

I’ve been a prince rescuing a princess, a puppy, a movie watcher, a puppet master, lunch and snack server, cleaner, butt wiper, nose

wiper, mess wiper, driver, milk machine, and boo-boo kisser.


I was a grownup talking with other grownups.

It was a welcome change.

Leaving your baby is a difficult thing.

My daycare center is a wonderful place.

My oldest daughter loves it.

My cousin works there.

Three of the teachers that work there were my daycare teachers. One of them is in Sophie’s room.

I feel confident that she is happy and loved.

I sent her a few weeks early to get her used to it.

I didn’t want to be a wreck with worry my first day back.

They have her on a routine. She’s napping for a change! Two hours in a row! Amazing.

Yes, my life is a little more rushed.

But, I feel so complete when I’m working at the flower shop.

If I didn’t love it, I couldn’t leave my babies.

I’m a better mommy when I am working.

I have a chance to miss my daughters.

When I was home, I spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning up messes because there were three of in the house all day.

We had time to play later because we were always home.

Some days ‘later’ never came.

Now that I work all day when I come home, it’s just our time.

We play and play and play and play.

Cleaning can wait until after bedtime.

Because the three hours from home-time until bed-time are all I get with my precious babies.

I make it count.

Thank you Chantelle for taking the time to Guest Post for me!

I was so honoured to have you!


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The Cycle of Abuse

I used to work closely with children in care.

By closely I mean they used to live with me.

In a Crisis Home I ran.

This job was very important to me.

These children became my passion, this job was a joy.

My job was to stabilize the behaviour of the youth in crisis coming to me. To decrease aggression, to effectively counsel, to use charts and tables, to stabilize the environment.

For children.

I had a different approach.

Weekly I would meet these children, all who had lost hope, trust, and love for the people they were promised would take care of them. I would begin the process of wrapping them in my hope, my trust, my love and attempt to prove to them that someone will take care of them. That someone will listen.

They would test me.

Not believing that they were lovable. Pushing me away because if they’re own parents didn’t love them why would a stranger?

I would hold tighter. Asking them to believe, to be still and allow themselves to embrace feeling safe. Many times their wounds were too deep. The darkness would creep back into their eyes and cover their faces in a cloud of sadness.

Hearing their parents’ ugly words play back in their heads.

The cycle of abuse continuing.


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