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I thought it would just fit.
New love.
I didn’t know that sometimes it doesn’t just fit.
Sometimes people find their perfect mate, they fall head over heals in love, everything around them is a blur, its just the two of them, they profess their love for one another over and over.
But Sometimes the fit is wrong.
Not this love!
Your love is so strong it can withstand anything.
Almost anything.
The anger comes quick and unexpected.
It leaves blisters.
The blisters only hurt sometimes.
You put band aids over the bleeding sores and keep moving.
Love feels good. That’s what everyone says.
You don’t want to give up. This love will last.
Flowers are given, sincere apologies, hugs and sweet nothings whispered in ears.
The Blisters heal.
But the scars are still there.
Memories of what happened appear and the fear that it might happen again lingers. You questioning every move, every step, for fear the blisters will come back, the pain.
Holding in tears, laughter, joy and all emotion doesn’t help.
The anger comes back.
And so do the blisters.
The fit is wrong.
Its been too long and its hard to escape, to find your way out, to ask for help.
The embarrassment is overwhelming but the fear is worse.
The blisters are bleeding
They don’t heal this time.
Time to get out, to get help, and to be safe
The blisters will stop bleeding
But there will always be scars.

This post is not representative of my relationship now.
If you or someone you love is in an abusive relationship please seek help.
There are resources available to you so that you are safe.


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For this weeks Red Writing Hood Prompt we were asked to write a short piece in which a character told a joke and a character cried. The piece has to be maximum 600 words and must be able to be read aloud in no more than 3 minutes.

This post is a continuation of last weeks Red Writing Hood post


“honey, you here?”

She could hear a woman’s voice. This wasn’t happening. She was sure this was the man of her dreams and now the walls were closing in on her. Air, she needed air.

Bending down as close to the floor as she could get she searched frantically for her clothes, sweeping the rough carpet for any article she could find.

She looked up at him trying to find some form of explanation in his face.
“I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere!” He whispered.

Where was she going to go, they were stuck in a blizzard for God’s sake.

What the hell had she gotten herself into? She thought about jumping out of the window and ran over to see how high up she really was, but when she looked out she was reminded of the storm. If she jumped she’d freeze to death…hmph not a bad alternative at this point.

She could hear muffled talking and footsteps, some laughter. Tears began to sting her eyes and she let them roll down her cheeks.

A home wrecker, she was a home wrecker! Oh what would her mother think?

While she waited, huddled in the corner, knees pulled up to her chest, she scanned the room; earrings, perfume, perfectly arranged picture frames. Why hadn’t she noticed before?



“Hey, I told her you were here, told her you’re a friend from work. Said you couldn’t get your car started so I brought you here to wait out the storm. I said you’re getting cleaned up.” He looked pale and scared.

“You’re brilliant. If only every woman had a man as smart and attentive to their needs as you.”

He laughed and tried to touch her cheek.

For a brief moment she wanted him to, she smiled at him.

And then she sobbed.


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The following is fictional


Every time she saw a new email or a new text she got butterflies. They’d only met a few months ago but it was like he knew her. Like they were meant to be together.

They exchanged long, expressive, detailed emails daily. Talked about what their lives would be like if they were together. Gave each other information on their past, what they liked to do in their spare time, favorite colours.

He would text her goodnight.

She had never felt this way about anyone and finally it was her turn to fall in love. She pictured their wedding day, their children, their home together.

Her friends poked fun – a relationship starting online wouldn’t last they said. He could be crazy.

She knew he wasn’t crazy, he held her heart and they were going to be together.

They had a date to meet planned and she blushed with excitement every time she thought about it. Finally she would meet the person she’d fallen for over email. Her stomach would tie itself in knots as she poured over the pictures he’d sent her.

On the morning of their meeting she showered and dressed, careful to pick out the perfect outfit. He messaged to tell her how excited he was about meeting and that he couldn’t wait to kiss her soft lips. Her heart thumped fast in her chest and her face felt hot. Was this real?

It had started to snow soft fluffy flakes and she drove singing loudly, music up.

When she reached the restaurant the snow had become heavy and hard to drive in, she sent a text to him letting him know she’d arrived.  Leaned her head on her steering wheel she tried to catch her breath. Maybe this was a bad idea? What if he WAS crazy?

Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone approach, a tall figure in a black leather jacket, dark hair and eyes.

It was him.

He took her breath away.

He opened her door and she stepped out. His deep voice startled her, she wasn’t expecting it. He mentioned the snow and how fast it was coming down, told her how beautiful she was, how happy he was to finally meet her and then swept her hair off of her face.
His hands were smooth and warm and gave her a rush she’d never felt before.

He suggested they skip coffee.
She agreed.

His home was nicer than she’d imagined, it had matching furniture and a dining room set. His bed had a comforter that matched the curtains and it was made. She’d won the lottery! A handsome man with style and a clean house!

After making small talk for awhile they drank wine and flirted, and then he led her to his matching comforter, laying her down they molded into each other. This is what she’d been waiting for. She was right, they were made for each other, he knew her. They were going to be together forever.

Grabbing a sheet off the bed to cover herself she got up and looked out the window, the snow had continued to fall and covered her car, everything was white. She called him up from the bed, his cheeks still flushed. He walked over and saw the covering of snow, his face fell.

How would she get home? He asked.


She had to go home?

It was probably for the best, they just met. He wanted to get to know her slowly.

Of course, makes sense. Its probably not that bad. She would go home.

Then the front door slammed. She heard a woman call out telling him she was home. Her flight was canceled. Roads are being closed. Power is out everywhere. Worst blizzard in years. Could be state of emergency. Thank God she got home in time to be with her Husband.



This weeks Red Writing Hood prompt is to imagine you are trapped alone or with others at a single place during a ginormous blizzard or its aftermath.

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