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Warning signs:

Your man will begin to find reasons to go to the garage: ie. it needs to be cleaned, he needs to find something, needs to work out (but is still caring those extra 30lbs from Christmas), etc.

Once a man has been exposed to a garage he will have difficulty concentrating on anything else, he will want one of his own and do anything to get it.

Having a garage of his own is the type of heaven women experience in spas and on the first night the baby sleeps for 12hrs.

You’re man will lose all sense of what is acceptable behaviour inside a home environment and will begin to confuse which one he wants to live in.

After work the stretches of time between getting home and going into the garage will become shorter and shorter. The pull of his cave is too strong.

He may have an “afterglow” after being in his “home away from home”, do not mention this flush, it may cause him to go deeper into his addiction.

What to Do:

Resist the urge to go into the garageā€¦ this is dangerous for many reasons

1. It’s quiet in the garage, your man knows this and goes there for this reason, should you go there the pull may be too strong and you could be yanked in

2. The organization a man can pull off in a garage is astounding and will make you question your own abilities.

3. The walls are covered in art work, art work that takes time to pick out at local garages and gas stations, and you will want to remove it, this will cause a man size tantrum.

Leave your man in his cave with the secret knowledge that he has the ability to organize, sort, drill, stack, and fix.

Keep a running total of the hours the addict is locked inside his obsession whispering sweet nothings to the walls of his other love.

Spa day has got to be coming up soon and someone has to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese Super Craft Day!!


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