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I was really sick two weeks ago for about a month with a viral cold that WOULD NOT go away!

This cold dragged me down.

The coughing all night long, lack of energy, runny nose, it sucked.

So, because I like to discuss things when I feel like I need a plan (a plan for survival!) I brought it to Brian’s attention that this cold wasn’t sitting well with me and perhaps some form of action needed to be taken.

Me: I have no energy you know. Its almost as though I can’t even chew. This asparagus is hard to chew. Is yours hard to chew?

Brian: *Laughter* No. Asparagus is not hard to chew.

Me: Why aren’t you taking this seriously? I’m telling you there’s something very wrong with me. I’m telling you that my viral infection has now become something more and potentially deadly. I’m telling you I don’t have the energy to chew.

Brian: How’s the meat? Did you try the meat?

Me: It’s dry.

Me: How do you suppose I get energy? Is there a pill I can take? Should I stop asking for pills? Really though, aren’t you concerned?

Brian: Red Bull?

Me: You want my heart to explode?

Brian: Two or three of those a day and you’re back to normal.

Me; “Red Bull gives you wings” where in that sentence to you get “normal?”

Brian: Here, take my plate with you to the sink will ya?

Me: Are you kidding? I’ve barely got enough energy to carry this plate! I can hardly stand! You’re lucky I’m even talking right now!

Brian: I am lucky.

Me: No one takes me seriously. My back is killing me, I’m weak hun, weak! You don’t understand because you’re healthy.

Brian: My back is killing me too.

Me: No it’s not!

Brian: Yes it is, from gardening all day.

Me: You aren’t tired, you didn’t sleep in a chair last night, with a baby on you! You can carry a plate without the weight of it pulling you to the ground! You’re healthy, you’re strong! I envy your strength, your vitality!

Brian: You’re right. Go rest.

Me: *smile*


Survival of the fittest.

Sometimes that means mentally fit.

Take notes friends.



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