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Ohh What Did I Start


My new years resolution, something I never make, was to start a Blog (okay and to discover if the Slap Chop is really all I need to dice, chop, and mince in seconds.), I have been on Twitter for awhile and can see the interest in Blogs and think it would be a great venture.
Now would be a great time to mention my anxiety and OCD. Starting a Blog with a 9 month old ransacking your house, a husband leaving every piece of paper he finds in his pockets all over the floor for said baby to put in her mouth, and the bulimic cat barfing everywhere isn’t an easy process. A blog on a good day isn’t an easy process.
So I made a list.. because that’s what a multitasker does, we make lists, I waited until the baby was napping and I tackled the Blog, and then I accidentally deleted it, and then I threw things and screamed.. and then I promptly picked those “things” up and rearranged my cupboards.
So… now, January 4th, 4 days in and I’m typing my first Blog post. I can definitely say there is relief that I’ve come this far. I’m excited to share my stories of parenting, post partum, anxiety, and relationship blunders with the world (all 4 of you)… hang in you might like what you read, maybe even laugh a little!!

Leighann 🙂

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