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Sweet Spring

The first warm day of spring flirted with my senses when I stepped out the door. The smell of sunshine bouncing off the wet grass, fog lifting, and blossoms dancing in the breeze surrounding me.

Summer was on its way and the bleak days of winter were finally over. As though a dark sheet had been lifted off of the plants and trees the lawn and fields shone with a new energy.

This bright day would bring big smiles, windows down, and coats traded for t-shirts. It was the beginning of lunch break walks, summer plans, sleeveless shirts, and sandals.

Lunches would be outside, coffee breaks would be longer, smoke breaks sweeter.

Smoke breaks sweeter.

Warm weather made smoking that much sweeter.

Standing outside with the sun shining down, hot on my skin. Coffee clasp casually in one hand, cigarette held loosely in the other. Laughing.

While I burned away working hours inhaling smoke.

Exhaling smoke.

While I burned away my life inhaling smoke.

Exhaling smoke.


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Spring Has Sprung

Since being back to work I haven’t had many relaxing evenings or much solitude.

The rush of dinner, bath, story, and then bed leaves me exhausted after a long day and the last thing I want to do is appreciate nature, scrapbook, or organize my daughter’s birthday photos from the beginning of the month.

But then there was today.

Beautiful today. It’s warm spring air swept me up and out of my winter blues. I danced in its heat the whole way home, my window down, hand in the breeze, and hair flowing recklessly in the fresh air.

I was renewed.

I began to think of all of the tasks I take on. All of the things I expect of myself that I end up not having time for. The disappointment I ultimately have when they aren’t completed.

I need to start utilizing resources. .

Shutterfly is one of those great resources I don’t use nearly enough! They offer photo books for all of my memories and will save my hands from all of those paper cuts, in hind sight I should have done the Birthday Invitations there too.

And with Mothers Day coming up there will be no reason for me to have an anxiety attack thinking about whether I will be receiving a card because they will take care of that too.

This spring I am focusing on relaxing, asking for help, not doing it all myself.

What are you doing to feel renewed?


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I was compensated for this post with one free 8X8 photo book.

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We’ve been waiting for you.


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