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The steps leading onto the towering yellow bus seemed huge compared to my twelve-year-old body. I stretched to take one stair at a time and was nervous to find a seat with a friend. I could feel the butterflies dancing in my stomach and wasn’t sure if it was from excitement or the anxiety of the unknown.

The voices of my peers spilled out of the windows as we made our way down the highway, trading lunches, seat hopping, and eagerly anticipating our arrival at the Science Centre.

My stomach turned somersaults.

Outside the rain created puddles, perfect for jumping in, and the line up to get off of the bus lagged while my classmates took their time splashing around, ignoring the huge buildings looming overhead and the big city we had just arrived in.

I needed to get off of the bus.

The butterflies flew up from the bottom of my stomach and reached for my throat, and as they lunged forward so did I. Pushing my peers to the side I sprang for the stairs to fresh air but it was too late, the excitement, anxiety, and butterflies inside wanted out!

With my body now out of my control I threw up in front of all of my classmates.

I felt one of my friends mothers take my shoulders, brush my hair back, and lead me to a bathroom. She played the role of my mother all day, while her child participated in the activities and I couldn’t leave the bathroom.

The ride home was a blur.

Exhausted, pale, and embarrassed I closed my eyes and prayed that we arrived back at the school quickly. I missed my mother madly and wanted to go to bed.

I wanted to escape the sounds of my squealing friends, the stories of fun, and everything I missed.

I felt cheated.

And I haven’t been back to the Science Centre ever since.

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This past weekend a girlfriend and I took the opportunity to escape to the big city. 

Our “big city” is Toronto. 

We booked a hotel, planned a spa day, and began fantasizing about our child free weekend filled with shopping, eating without sharing, and sleep.

Sweet Lord the sleep.

Halfway to our destination a serious stomach cramp reaching from the depths of hell and stabbed my pilot in her guts!! I feared our trip might be cancelled due to a case of IBS.

But no!

My Beav knows pain! She’s given birth without drugs!

She muscled on until we could get her to a Coffee Time.

First crisis averted (well for us anyway… I feel sorry for the Coffee Time people). 

Once we arrived at the hotel I heard angels sing. They were welcoming me into their heavenly gates. Begging me to steal white linen from their closets.

This hotel meant business! Shinny floors, huge lights, a lounge, a concierge… my self confidence went from a yoga pant wearing 6 to a “watch out I’m pretending I’m rich all weekend bitches!!!“ 10.

We checked in and discussed the possibilities of what the room could look like, and the perks we could enjoy; a man servant, hot stone massage, chocolate covered strawberries, a bath drawn…. 

We opened the door to our room…

Or more appropriately, The Love Nest.
They  thought we were lesbians.
Ahh well, we were holding hands and whispering when we arrived, here’s to adventure! 

HAHAHA, just kidding. (maybe…there was available porn)

You’re waiting for a picture aren’t you…


After a quick re-fresh it was onto shopping! The Eaton Centre had it all.. and we wanted it all…

Delicious food, with a free serving because the waitress dropped some on the floor!!
All around Class.
Being fragile and easily swayed we joined the mob.
I may have broken some legs.
New friends were made.
Until we realized they were stealthy bitches and trying to steal our shoes!
So we took their hair and ran!
With alcohol.
This would be WAY more exciting if I wasn’t a lush and can only drink one.
AND if the one I did have didn’t give me an ice cream headache every time I took a sip.
AND if I didn’t pinch the bridge of my nose while still trying to look “cool” and “sexy” and “awesome” and “with it’ but all the while saying, “OMG, this is sooooo cold!! OMG, everytime!” 

After falling asleep in a pool of chocolate and tears of regret.
It was time to pack up. 

Time to say goodbye to our hotel, our friends, our Mob.


But we’ll always have each other…
And this sweet ass ode to the trip!

Love ya Beav!


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