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Say What? VOTE!!

On Monday I promised you great things!

I wrote about the things I regularly say to my daughter. Things I never thought would come out of my mouth.

And because I like to be joined in my motherhood insanity I asked you what you regularly say to your children that makes you stop and say, “hey, wait! Do other mothers tell their child to stop wiping snot on the cat, or is it just me?”

Well sister! It’s not just you!

As promised we’re voting today, hurray! In the comment section let me know who you think said the funniest line and they will WIN! Not only will they get their blog button up on MY blog for two weeks but they will win a pretty awesome Estro-Tote from the One and Only Lady Estrogen of Adventures in Estrogen!

This tote is 100% cotton, has tones of room, is machine washable and demands attention!

Umm, hello awesome!

And guess what? You can be from Canada or the States OR ANYWHERE!!!...mmmmkkk! Canadians rock like that!

Now go! Vote!

Yasmin @ alittlelessfluff
“Take that blanket out of your mouth! it is not a chew toy”
“Take the paper out of your mouth! Find something else!”
“Please don’t chew your dummy!”
“Stop undressing yourself, its cold”
“Will you just keep your socks and shoes on for one second!”
“Stop asking for food, you ate like half an hour ago and you just had a snack! How much more can you eat?”
“No, mommy doesn’t want to make a rocket, house, gun etc. again. 10 times is enough!”
“Don’t you tell me no!”

“I’m not a maid service.”
“I’m not running a restaurant.”
“I just went grocery shopping so I don’t believe you when you say there’s nothing to eat.”

“Oh my gosh. I know. Last week I said “Justin put your penis away and eat your pizza.”

“How many of those columbine seeds did you eat?” (poisonous)

“You only touch your vagina in the bathroom or your room, please.”

“Do not drag the dog around by his penis.”

“How does it feel to want?” (older kids)

Alison@Mama Wants This
“Drop the potty, young man!”
“Stop turning the A/C on and off please.”
” Don’t open that drawer!”
” Watch your head/ fingers/ toes!”
“Stop pulling on the toilet paper.”
“Don’t put the toilet paper in the toilet!”
” Don’t try to flush that toilet, it’d get blocked!”
“What’s that in your mouth?”
“Why are you pouring water on your books?”
“Why are you stuffing my money into your father’s boots?”
“Don’t walk on the sofa!”
“Get off the table now.”
“Stop playing with Mama’s food.”
“Don’t pull on your penis, you need it.”

7 year old said, while in the shower, “I’m a little pissed off right now”.

“Thank you for using my hair as a pulley system”
“Get your hand out of my bra, my iTouch is not in there”
“I appreciate you rinsing my toothbrush, just not in the toilet”

Lady Estrogen
“Fingers out of your nose”
“Fingers out of your brother’s nose”

Leigh Ann

“Please stop slapping your vagina.”


“Put your pants on! Your gonna get a cold in your bum!”

“That’s it! I’m calling Santa!”

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We don’t go to McDonald’s much.

Ok, let me re-phrase that.

We don’t go to McDonald’s much together.

When we do Brian and I always order the same thing.

He gets a Big Mac Meal.

I get a cheeseburger and a six-pack of nuggets.

I drink his drink.

Brian does not drink a drink.

We only require one.

Yeah I know, we’re 80.

This weekend we found ourselves in the drive through of McDonald’s. I’m tweeting and Brian’s scanning the menu like he always does (even though we both know he will end up getting the Big Mac).

And then something in our well oiled machine falters.

“Welcome to McDonald’s can I take your order?”

“Ya can I get a Big Mac Meal but I don’t want the drink.”

“Ok, so you just want a Big Mac and fries?”

“Well is it cheaper to get the Big Mac Meal?”


“Alright, I’ll take the meal.”

“So, one Big Mac Meal. What can I get you to drink?”

“I don’t want a drink.”

“Right. Ok. So you just want a Big Mac and fries?”

“No. Listen. I want you to give me the Big Mac Meal and the drink but YOU keep the drink.”

“Oh we have to give you the drink.”

“I don’t have cup holders.” (resorting to LIES… shame shame)

“A combo comes with a drink so would you like the Big Mac Combo?”

Like we’re brand new to the combo. Like we’ve never been to McDonald’s before. Like we haven’t memorized the combo numbers and locations of every McDonalds in a 100 mile radios.

“Ok just give me the drink.”

“GREAT! Ok what kind can we get for you today?”


“A bottle of water. Ok.”

“No. Tap water. Out of your tap, in a cup.”

“Oh we aren’t allowed to do that sir.”

“Ok, then you pick.”

“Super, our new orange Fruitopia.”

“Sounds yummy.”

“Great and I’ll be sure to give you a cup holder with it.”



Today is Election Day in Canada people.

If you are Canadian get our and VOTE!

This girl at McDonald’s?

She’s our future.


I was not compensated in any way for this post by Elections Canada, McDonald’s, or Fruitopia (or anyone) and all opinions are purely my own, however, it would have been nice to receive a nugget or two.

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On May 2nd Canadians rush to the polls to vote in our Federal Election.


The coverage of this election has been exhausting but necessary and the candidates have sunk to their usual lows in order to gain majority.

Because I’m obviously a dedicated member of my community and because I take an interest in my country’s future I’ve decided that I should run for parliament.

Or be the next Prime Minister.

But Leighann…. You know nothing about politics!

Don’t be a negative Nancy!

Neither do the politicians!

Here’s the super exciting changes I’m working on:

1. Ensure every staff member at Tim Horton’s understands the importance of A. making a cup of coffee the way it was ordered and B. putting napkins in the bag.

2. Increase policing on our major highway, the 401, for the specific purpose of guaranteeing slow drivers KEEP RIGHT. (if you have trouble understanding this it’s because you’re a slow driver and you need to keep right).

3. Allow Canadians to double up on coupons! Have you seen that show Extreme Couponing? We can’t do that here.. annoying!

4. No more Taylor Swift songs played in Canada.

5. Fine Walmart $50,000 every time they are out of a product shown in their flyer. $100,000 if it is diapers.

6. Make it illegal to A. scream into your cell phone while you are standing RIGHT beside me.. Seriously! What are you doing? Why are you yelling? Have you ever owned a cell phone? Is this the first time you’ve ever used it..right now? Inside my eardrum?
B. use a cell phone while talking to me in person. I can use one while talking to you though. I know… so rude.

7. Lower gas prices to 4 cents/L and make it all full serve.

8. Oh and I’d just get rid of the deficit, funding problems, and tax issues by PRINTING MORE MONEY!! Helloooo… cause I’d be the boss.

I’ll begin getting my campaign team ready for the next election.

All of these issues are sure to be around still.



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