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So as many of you know I went Golfing this past Friday for work.

Not by choice. I don’t play any sport by choice.

And I would never ever consider Golf a sport.

Its gross.

The green is much too far away.

Too much argyle

But I went and I ended up having fun with the team I was matched with because they felt the same way I did.

Endless Green. All I could think about was how far we had to walk.

A sand trap. Why even bother? Just throw your ball over it. Done.

Replace my divots with grass seed? Members pay hundreds of dollars to replace the grass themselves?

Not in my world friend. Those divots will remain until YOU fill them.

They call this a water hazard. I call it a reason to go back to the club house.

The walk through the woods to escape the golf course maze.

Sure the carts aren’t meant to go over brush and through swamps but when you’re dying of boredom you will do anything

One of two dear hiding in the woods.

They tried to trample us and then eat us, I had to beat them off with one of my many clubs.

I’m lucky to be alive.

Just Kidding.

They were totally tame.

This is the only reason I went.

Along with some golfing stuff that I don’t know what to do with I got this wicked hat!


But no more golfing…mmmmk?!


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On Sunday we had a party. Her very first.

The balloons were a hit

There were many gifts

Don’t let this fool you. She wasn’t this still for long.

A car? Spoiled!

And of course… there was cake!



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We’ve been waiting for you.


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The Princess moved into her new castle.

She was given the tour and all of her loyal subjects were lined up inside awaiting their orders.

She waited for her prince.

Would he come?

Of course he would!



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