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Today I have a guest post for you from the talented Chantelle from Mom Went Crazy!
I really relate to Chantelle because she’s just returning to work after having her second baby, she writes from her heart, and she’s HILARIOUS!
If you haven’t checked out her site DO IT!
Her first Vlog had me laughing hysterically!
So, follow her, comment, stalk, it will all make her day!

Hey everyone,

I’m Chantelle, from Mom Went Crazy.

Sometimes I’m funny, sometimes I’m serious. Other times I rant.

Today, I’m guest posting for Leighann.

Like a lot of you, I write based on my mood.

Today was my first day back to work after having my youngest daughter, Sophie.

My mood today?


I know that sounds strange.

But can I be honest with you about one thing?

It was so nice to talk to grownups all day.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love my short people. I have two girls and they are awesome.

But I’ve spent the last 10 months at home, blogging for sanity and tweeting for support.

I’ve been a prince rescuing a princess, a puppy, a movie watcher, a puppet master, lunch and snack server, cleaner, butt wiper, nose

wiper, mess wiper, driver, milk machine, and boo-boo kisser.


I was a grownup talking with other grownups.

It was a welcome change.

Leaving your baby is a difficult thing.

My daycare center is a wonderful place.

My oldest daughter loves it.

My cousin works there.

Three of the teachers that work there were my daycare teachers. One of them is in Sophie’s room.

I feel confident that she is happy and loved.

I sent her a few weeks early to get her used to it.

I didn’t want to be a wreck with worry my first day back.

They have her on a routine. She’s napping for a change! Two hours in a row! Amazing.

Yes, my life is a little more rushed.

But, I feel so complete when I’m working at the flower shop.

If I didn’t love it, I couldn’t leave my babies.

I’m a better mommy when I am working.

I have a chance to miss my daughters.

When I was home, I spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning up messes because there were three of in the house all day.

We had time to play later because we were always home.

Some days ‘later’ never came.

Now that I work all day when I come home, it’s just our time.

We play and play and play and play.

Cleaning can wait until after bedtime.

Because the three hours from home-time until bed-time are all I get with my precious babies.

I make it count.

Thank you Chantelle for taking the time to Guest Post for me!

I was so honoured to have you!


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Reality of Growing up

When I was in high school I took a careers test.

It consisted of several questions in order to gain an understanding of who I was, where my interests lie, and what career path I might follow.

In high school I had no idea.

It told me I would be a janitor.

This news didn’t shake me up, it didn’t weigh heavily on my shoulders, and I didn’t feel promised to that job.

I expected I would graduate, go to college, find a job, work.

I would fall in love, get married, buy a house, have babies, and live happily ever after.

That was the natural order that was promoted by our guidance counsellors and our families.

There weren’t classes on reality.

Discussions regarding the astronomical cost of schooling, housing, food, and books for college.

The enormous stress we might feel as students in a new city.

The drop out rate.

How many jobs we would have to work at once in order to barely get by.

Late nights, stupid decisions, broken hearts, lost friendships, mistakes.

Babies before marriage.

The bills.

The bills.

Our relationships and the importance of communication.


Had I attended these classes it might have made me more aware and prepared me, but life would have still continued.

That is the natural order.


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Today is Monday…

Today is Monday.

In 8 days I go back to work.

This thought made me feel the heavy load of my PPD against my back.


In 8 days my baby goes off to daycare on her birthday.

More weight as the bricks got heavier.

I was frozen in fear with the suggestion of a stranger looking after my baby.

Will they see her walk before me?  What if she says  “mama” for the first time to someone else?

My knees buckled from the crushing load that pressed against me.

Today is Monday.

And I’m okay.

I can not freeze time.

PPD can not either.

As if to reassure me, last week my daughter began a developmental growth spurt.

A series of little advancements

One day she clapped her hands.

Stood on her own.

Said Mama!

The pieces of PPD began to fall away.

She began signing back “finished” and “more.”

And suddenly started looking like a big girl.

My back felt lighter, my shoulders more relaxed, PPD wasn’t as much of a threat.

Today is Monday.

8 more days and I’m still a mom and she’s still my baby.

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Karma, Bitch


When I was fresh out of college I went straight to work where I had done my placement, I was sure this was the place I would work forever, it spoke to me, it was my CALLING!! Later I will find out I’m terribly wrong and my calling is totally in the opposite direction and around a corner, through a door, and down some stairs but we’ll talk about that another time. This was my CALLING!! I loved the people I worked with, I was making a name for myself, I had money, and I had purchased my very first car, I named her Mrs. Washington.
Then things started to change… my boss became moody, mean, emotional, we all walked on eggshells when she came to work, I was 22 and had never had a “career” before. She started bringing her personal life to work (and at 22 I was still outspoken so this just spelled disaster for me). I started rubbing my boss the wrong way (but not the way other people were rubbing her…) I became the brunt of her emotional abuse.
Eventually I learned of her corrupt nature, however, it was I who was asked to leave (my first lesson in how big business works).
The jabs and passive aggressive shots she threw at me daily taught me more than I could have ever learned in college and throughout my career I thought of it often.
She was fired this week and I can’t say that I’m sorry for her, but I do think of her searching for work like I did and wish her well, I also thank her for her twisted nature and teaching me to treat others fairly (or something).


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