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Appreciating My Gift

Brian called.

He had run into an old neighbour of ours.

Being friendly he had asked how their baby was.

Their baby doesn’t live with them anymore.

They failed to provide adequately for him.

Their baby is the same age as ours.

I hung up the phone and stared at my daughter.

My 11 month old baby.

My innocent, adventurous, fragile, easy going, determined baby.

I felt my heart sink.

It sunk for the little boy who doesn’t live with his mommy and daddy anymore.

It aches to know if he is thriving now.

If he is being held by warm arms who love him.

I yearn to know that he is surrounded by loving people, a warm bed, and cozy pajamas.

Is he read stories, tickled, taken for walks?

Is he their joy?

I closed my eyes tight hoping they appreciate every second they have with him.

Just as I appreciate every second I have with mine.

I wished this with every bone in my body.



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